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Disponibilitat de cavitats en territoris de mussol pirinenc (Aegolius funereus) a l’estatge subalpí dels Pirineus orientals

Auteur : Rota Collell (Marc)

Année de publication : 2021
Publication : Mémoire. Facultat de Ciences i Tecnologia
Pagination : 1-36 + annexes

Résumé :

Availability of cavities in Tengmalm owl territories (Aegolius funereus) in the subalpine forests of Eastern Pyrenees. Natural cavities and those excavated by woodpeckers in trees are a key structure for Tengmalm’s owl conservation in Pinus uncinata forests of Southern Pyrenees. In order to know the total availability of cavities and its suitability to be occupied for the specie, a cavity census was carried out in 12 territories of Tengmalm owl in south-eastern Pyrenees (Catalonia). This study relates the availability of cavities and nest trees with forest structure and occupancy of nest boxes. 1,7 cavities each hectare and 1,1 nest trees each hectare have been found, being great spotted woodpecker cavities the most abundant, followed by black woodpecker cavities. Resultant models have shown more abundance of nest trees in mature forests, being the diameter at breast heigh and density of standing dead trees the most influencer variables. Black woodpecker cavities are positive related with diameter at breast heigh, density of standing dead trees and basal area, meanwhile great spotted woodpecker cavities are only related with diameter at breast heigh. The occupancy of nest boxes is higher in territories with less availability of cavities. Conservation and management measures are required to conserve natural and woodpecker cavities and mature forests in order to preserve Tengmalm’s owl populations in Pyrenees mountains.